Moving a blog post from Draft to Edit doesn't work as expected



I've created a custom blog article template which uses:

{{ content.post_body }}

For the post content. However when I use the new Draft feature the content is not being pulled across to the 'Edit' tab. There are no errors occurring that I can see it just never appears.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards



Hi @tmorris, have you reached out to Support? They're better equipped to handle questions like this more quickly, as our goal in the forums is to respond in under 2 business days. All 3 of us are based in the US, so the holiday messed with that.

That said happy to take a look if you haven't worked with Support yet, or happy to assist the person in Support who took on your case. Please respond with your HubID if you're still having issues, and the Support case # if you have reached out to them.


Hi Connor,

I've not reached out to support, I'll raise a ticket with them now and get back to you if I have any issues.

Kind Regards,



Hey @tmorris, looks like Rebecca helped you out in Support! Glad you were able to get it sorted. Feel free to make posts in the developer forum whenever you'd like, but just wanted to make sure you got the fastest response possible which is why I referred you to them. Most things regarding the CMS can be handled by Support, and they're quite quick with response times. We have only 3 people fully devoted to the forums which is why our response times are a bit slower!