Moving an existing HubSpot Blog


Can we move an existing HubSpot blog post to a newly created blog without having to clone/repost? If there is a way, will the existing URL be preserved or will it take on a new URL?


@regan can you expand upon what you are trying to do? Would you want the same URL or a new one? Are you looking for a way to use the Blog API to get a blog and create a new one with the content from the first one?


We have one blog that we broke out into 5 separate blogs in order to keep them organized by category. We need to migrate existing blog posts into their new corresponding category blog. Rather than clone, copy and paste each post and create redirects for the old URLs, we were hoping there was a better way to go about this that wasn’t so time consuming while preserving the SEO value of the pages.


@regan There is no out of the box automated way of doing this. If this is a one time thing it might actually be faster to just clone them in the UI. If this is an ongoing action then you could look into the COS APIs that relate to the blog to pull them down and split them up and create new posts based on your internal business logic.


Ah, ok thank you for all your help!