Moving Contact from one portal to anther using the API


Using the API, we have a business requirement where is certain cases we need to move a contact from one portal to another and retain all existing contact point information?

  1. Is the possible? If so what is the best way to do this?

  2. Is there anything we need to lookout for?



Hi @Chris.Grant,

There is not an easy way to accomplish what you’re asking.

It is possible to get contacts via the API or even to trigger webhooks from a HubSpot workflow. An individual contact will include the contact properties and list memberships. I would encourage you to read this doc to understand what is contained within the JSON of an individual Contact: If you wanted to go the route of sending a webhook from a workflow, read about that here:

This will not contain all page views, engagements and email touch points. Email touch points can be accessed via the Email Events API. The overview is here: , there are other various endpoints available, see the sidebar of the Email Events API

Further, engagement data can be gathered here:

The easiest option will be to grab the Contact JSON and recreate the contact based on the properties included, it just won’t contain the engagements, emails and page views.