Moving deal stages automatically



I’d like to have deal stages move automatically based on certain triggers created in a third party application. What would be the best way to do this?


We are doing this from our FlowWright product

I have found that deal stage values displayed when you get the deal does not match what you set, when you goto set/change the deal stage values, you have to use the internal stored value. So first get the deal pipline

what you will get back is the following JSON result:

        "stageId": "appointmentscheduled",
        "label": "Demo Scheudled",
        "probability": 0.2,
        "active": true,
        "displayOrder": 1,
        "closedWon": false

in the next call you will have to use the stageId value, not the label

Here’s the JSON payload for the call

  "properties": [
      "name": "dealStage",
      "value": "appointmentscheduled"

this should work