MQL to Customer conversion rates via API?


I'd like to be able to extract the number of MQL's that converted to a Customer (or any other lifecycle stage) in a particular time frame. I can't see any API's that facilitate this. Any ideas on how to achieve this? There are 2 API's that give me the number of MQL's and Customers separately but I'm after logic that requires a contact was an MQL and then went on to become a customer.

i.e. Out of 4200 MQL's, 527 of them went on to become a customer at a conversion rate of 12% in the month of October



Hi @Markl, There isn't a way to do this out of the box, but you can use the Contacts API with the property and propertyMode parameters included (example: to loop through all contacts, grab only the contacts that have a value of MQL, then grab only the contacts that have both a value of MQL and Customer (means they converted at some point), then make that calculation on your own.

Looping though all contacts might be a bit much, but you could try doing the same thing but with the Get contacts in a list endpoint, you'd just need to create the List in HubSpot first if you have access to that tool.


Ok, thanks for the confirmation and work around. I would have thought HubSpot would have catered for this considering this is one of the main drivers for using HubSpot i.e. lifecycle and conversions.