Mulitiple webhooks running



Hello Everyone,
We have created multiple workbooks, like company property change, company create and etc. But when we are creating a new company on Hubspot than company property change webhoosks also running, and at the same time webhook url getting hit approx 20 times and because of that request time out issue coming as well as our code not working.

We want, if we created a company than only company create webhook should run and not others.


Hi @Rahul_Chhlotre,

If you’re subscribed to property changes, and the property/properties in question are updated when a record is created, you’ll get notifications for that update. This is true for all record types; it’s not currently possible to exclude the property updates resulting from a record’s creation. These notification should be getting batched if they occur at roughly the same time; are you getting a single request with a number of notifications? Or are you getting ~20 individual requests?


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Yes we are getting multiple individual requests for every property and all are going fail. Because they are hitting webhook url on same time.


Hi @Rahul_Chhlotre,

Can you send me your app ID?