My new developer account doesn't seems to work


It sends me to this url:

And it gives me this error message:

I properly activated my account (with the email link before that). Thanks


Same here for the developer portal.

Also, I get an Internal Server Error trying to use the oauth endpoint for the API.

Sample response: {"status":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","message":"internal server error","correlationId":"0795a4b9-50d6-4ac4-9298-776f348a5f15","requestId":"8b1d415230ba0c819867fb31197e9599"}

Seems like something is down...


I too am having this issue. I'm hoping something is down, and will be fixed soon.


FWIW, I can now successfully hit the oauth endpoint to refresh my token for the api, however the developer portal still says "Something went wrong when loading your applications.
Please try again or contact support.".

Nevermind... I had one successful request/response, but back to "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR" now.


@Derek_Gervais, super concerned.....both a new app we were testing, and our one in production at multiple clients isn't showing up. Can you advise that this is just an internal hiccup or something?


We just hit that as well:


Everything seems to be up and functioning again.


Hi all,

Sorry for the delay here. The HubSpot app had some intermittent downtime yesterday; details can be found at