My webform layout and frame has been distorted



I am using hubspot free CRM to capture my client tax information. However you have made changes to the way embedded code for form works . This change distorted the layout and terribly impacted my business.

The webform link is

I appreciate quick action to restore the damage in the form layout. It used to look like the attached pic


Please advise if this change and the disappearance of the frame is because the new marketing starter package? I need to know if it is hubspot issue or an issue in my wp website?


Hi @rania.kabbara,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you recently downgraded from Marketing Basic/Pro/Enterprise to Marketing Starter, is that correct? The script used to embed Marketing Free/Starter is shell.js instead of v2.js, which doesn't allow the same external styling options. You'll need to update your form embed code to use the new embed code exactly as it appears in your portal; Marketing Free/Starter forms don't allow for custom styling through your page's stylesheet.

Website form broken

Hi Derek,

I was always on free marketing package but something has changed and distorted the form frame @Derek_Gervais

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Hi @rania.kabbara,

The free marketing forms have never allowed custom styling from the page's CSS. Free forms use the shell.js script, which renders the form in an iframe. It sounds like you were able to bypass that restriction by editing the embed code to use the v2.js script instead, which renders the form differently and allows custom styling. This was never a supported use case; the form embed scripts were recently updated to enforce the correct behavior of their product tier, which is why the styling is broken.

Going forward, you'll need to either use the default form styling, upgrade your HubSpot package, or create a custom form and use the Forms API: