Need Data Connection String


I’m trying to do an integration with Hubspot and SiSense. I have created an App in Hubspot. What are the next steps to generate the Hubspot connection string? Below is an example of what I need. Thanks


The following is an example of a HubSpot connection string:



You need to now install the app into your portal. Here is a link to a forum post that can help walk you through it.


Hi Peter,

Would it be possible to get on the phone to go through this? The
instructions are confusing and I just have some questions. Thanks



@Ray_Portugal This is not a support forum so I don’t hop on calls with customers. Is there a specific part you are confused about that I can help clarify?


OK. I have already created an App. The title of my App is “Ray’s App.”
According to your email, I’m supposed to download an App into the portal.
What App are you referring to?

I went to this URL and it wasn’t clear to me what App to download.


I just need the steps to complete this and generate the connection string.


The app you just made is the app that you need to install into the portal. You need to grab the client ID and the client secret from the app and use that in your OAuth flow to install it.


Hey Peter,

I went to this URL (* *for OAuth authorization and
received this error. Please advise. Thanks



Attached is the error.


@Ray_Portugal Did you include the parameters in the URL? There is an example here.


Hey Peter,

I’m receiving an “Uh oh! Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact
the integrator” message. Here are the steps I completed that produced this
message. Please advise. Seems I’m getting closer.


  1.   I checked off “Contacts” and “Workflows” as my Scopes.
  2.   I added the Client ID and Scopes to this URL.

  1.   I received the “Uh oh! Insufficient scopes were provided. Please

contact the integrator message

I cannot find my application id for my main domain (DO NOT RUSH TO ANSWER)


You need to fix the joining character between contacts and workflows

here is an ex. from the docs. Notice that contacts and automation are separated by an %20 and not an &


Hey Peter,

I put in the %20 and I’m getting this message now:

Uh oh! You are missing a necessary parameter

The follow parameter is missing and is needed to continue with the
integration process:


Here is my updated URL:


Hey Peter,

I put in & before the redirect_uri and received this message.

Uh oh!

An invalid scope name was provided.


@Ray_Portugal The workflows scope is called ‘automation’.

Please refer to the docs here.


I went through the instructions. I’m getting a message that I don’t have
the correct role to grant these permissions. I’m going to contact Hubspot
support to see if there is someone else who can assist me. You provide
vague instructions and are not very helpful.