Need developer to design mobile navigation on HubSpot blog to match main website mobile navigation design


Hi there,

I have a Wordpress website which has recentkly been updated and I noticed that the HubSpot mobile navigation on our HubSpot Blo does not match the main website. I am wanting a developer to create a mobile navigation for our HubSot Blog to matvch our website. Can anyone help?

My website is and the HubSpot blog is at

If anyone can assist me please reply to this message and advise of your fees to do this?

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Hello. Not a developer, just a fellow blog writer/operator.

I found it easy enough to do this myself to our own blog using this walkthrough:

It doesn’t specifically talk about mobile, but maybe it can still help you.


Thanks for your feedback but it is the design for my mobile navigation that I want to match. The structure is the same as I have made sure this matched but our wordpress mobile navigation does not match the HubSpot Mobile Navigation.