Need guidance on best-practice for adding webinar registration to contacts profile


Looking for some guidance on the best way to update a contact's activity stream to show engagement in an activity outside of HubSpot.

When a user registers for a webinar on a 3rd party platform (Bigmarker) I would like to create webhook (or hook in general) that updates the contacts activity stream to say that they registered for a webinar. This will help ensure that HubSpot remains the main source of truth on user engagement and minimize the manual input of data.

What success looks like:

  1. User goes to webinar registration page
  2. User fills out form to register for webinar
  3. API call is sent to update {{Contact}} Activity showing that they registered for "X" webinar


  1. Tracking engagement
  2. Lead Scoring
  3. Reporting

Example Scenario:
End-user Bob signs up for a webinar titled "doing a thing on our platform".
When we look at Bob's contact in HubSpot, we should see in his activity stream that he signed up for the "doing a thing with our platform webinar".


Hi @pachyderm,

The Timeline Events API was designed for just this purpose! I recommend reviewing the Overview article and some of the methods. Let me know if I can clarify anything.