Need help: creating proxy Hubspot server for our client


Hello there,

One of our clients are using HubSpot and we’re currently trying to implement HubSpot with a webservice in the netherlands called Sizo.
To put into context for better understanding: Sizo is a large Dutch database which enriches customer data. For example: Currently we have a form with a lot of fields. Using Sizo a person should only fill in a short form with his name and postal code or city (f.e. Jack, London). Sizo will then get a request and they’ll complete his data so that all contact property fields are filled in (last name, industry,…) which we need, all automatically.

The people at sizo have made a HubSpot form with a KvK number (a field within the form), that’s the trigger to recall information from their Webserver.

We’ve received a reply from the people at Sizo:

The webservice in the Hubspot form works

Now what need to happen is that the Sizo webservice should be brought up from the sourcecode. Thereby this will be executed from the browser (client). This should be from a server. Please ask your developer if he can use a proxy server so our webservers can be called through! the server. This can be another server that runs in your company. In the source code below of the page (form) on top you can see (in yellow) that the call is called from the client to the Sizo webservice. If this can be adjusted to a proxy server (running in your business) and then the proxy server to our webservice, everything should be good. By this means we can add the IP of your proxyserver.

By all means, we don’t have our own servers. The servers are running at HubSpot. We’ve tried to contact several people as we don’t have the knowledge to do this.

I am now trying to find someone who can help us with this issue as we’d like to solve it by next Friday.

Anyone got the skills/knowledge to help us out? You can reply here or send me an email (

Thanks a lot!



Anyone who can help us with this issue? You can always contact me through mail: or by phone: +32 478 75 77 44. Thanks a lot!