-Need Help- Forms and Workflows testing not working inside Hubspot


Hello guys,

We have a test Form and Workflow set up inside Hubspot. What is happening is we have set up that the info from the Forms get sent to our Software through a Webhook. It is only submitting the First name, Last name, email, address, Phone number and Zip code. None of the other "Fields" that we have in the forms and going into our "Custom fields" in the Software. So we are wanting to test this out with our Test Form and our Workflow. When we go to the Form itself and go to the Test tab next to the Form and Options tab and enter in the Information it does not Submit the form and therefore start the Workflow.

A couple months back we did this exact procedure to test out the Forms and Workflows. But with the new update that happened we have not been able to test out the Forms and Workflows. There are two messages it gives us. The First being "Submitting forms is disabled in preview mode. Use the right side panel to preview this form with specific fields filled out." and the Second being "The form was submitted. Your form is now replaced by the thank you message" but then realizing that no form was submitted and no Workflow was started.

Please Help with how to test out Forms and Workflows.

Thank you,


@ProDBX The webhooks that would be launched via the workflow for a form submission only sends a partial payload from the contact. If you are looking for all the other fields then you will have to make a call to our Contacts API to get the contact by vid to receive the full payload.