Need some assistance in integrating OTP's for validation into the hubspot workflow


Below is the highlights of my scenario -

  • We have a website for our product which is built over WordPress and it contains a form where the users would fill to get an account created. The form is linked to HubSpot and each entry is recorded in the form submissions.
  • We wanted to automate the user creation process and also have a validation in this activity.
  • We want to tweak the existing flow a bit to achieve  User fills the form  Gets an email with an OTP for validation and once it is validated  The entry is made into HubSpot for the new user
  • We have developed the code for the validation and generation of the OTP.
  • We need to integrate it into the workflow and this is where we need your help.


Hi @Raghunandan_Rajagopa,

I'm not sure I understand the scenario; is this an embedded HubSpot form? If the validation you're looking to perform is external, you might be better served by submitting the form to your own system, processing the submission however you need to, and then submitting the results to HubSpot: