Need some more explanation on respose returned by API call-- Contact By Vid


Hi Guys,

I made an API GET call : for a specific contact, Received JSON reponse, I need some understanding on the list fields returned here.

"list-memberships": [
"static-list-id": 1,
"internal-list-id": 2,
"timestamp": 1547491813427,
"vid": 123456,
"is-member": true

does this list membership mean contact assigned to what list? If I query with this list id in HubSpot it gives me no list found. Can anyone help me here? Also is there any documentation about the API response anywhere, all I saw was the API calls description and how to make them.


Hi @bdmonte, check out @Isaac_Takushi's response on this thread for more info on the difference between static-list-id and internal-list-id: Get dynamic list-memberships for a contact.

Are you replacing hapkey=demo with your hapikey when making that request? The list IDs for the requested vid won't exist in your account if you're using the demo hapikey.