Need to fetch Phone Number from contacts



I am not able to find phone number field using the web api call were can i find the phone number


Hi @Raghu_Seo,

Are you currently using the Contacts API to get a contact/group of contacts? You can specify the phone number property by adding a property parameter to the request URL.

or for getting all contacts:


Thanks for the reply i have checked its working and another query
we have nearly 40000 contact how to request all those contacts.
i am able to get only 250 records not more than that can you help me with this


Hi @Raghu_Seo,

The response from the Get all contacts endpoint is paginated, so you’ll only get a maximum number of contacts at any given time. To get all contacts, you’ll need to use the vidOffset parameter in a subsequent request to get the next group of contacts (see here)