Need to make a custom search for the blog page



I tried to put a search bar/icon on the header on my blog page but the module for search in Act2 Neambo template shows google results when press enter. I dont want a search like this, I need to display results on the same page curating the blog results and within same template . Attaching picture to show what's happening now.

Please help me construct a custom search just for the blogs on the same page as shown on various websites.


Hi @Abhi, if you're looking for somebody to help create this for you, this forum likely isn't your best bet. For freelance help I've heard good things from the folks at On The Bench, or Upwork.

Alternatively, HubSpot has its own native site search module that you can place on your page to query the subdomain that you're on. You should be able to add the input to your site and create a search results page that displays pages that match your query


You mean this?


Hi @Abhi, yes that's the one!