Need to simulate a hubspot call to action with webform button


We recently implemented a Drupal site for our business. The old site used a Call-To-Action to track people signing up for newsletters. The previous method will not work with the new Drupal site as we are using a webform for the newsletter signup. Attaching the old Call-To-Action button to the webform just breaks the page. Is there an API method that could be used for tracking this?


Hi @joncoleman,

There isn't currently a public API for CTAs. Just to make sure that we're on the same page, is this a HubSpot embedded form, or a custom form using the forms API? If you're passing submissions to HubSpot in some way, you could track the button click by monitoring the form submissions.


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

This webform is just a normal, run-of-the-mill webform constructed within Drupal. I'm not entirely sure how the old webform is done. Currently, the new form has a submit button that records the information in Drupal. Our sales/marketing team would like that to be tracked via HubSpot.

To answer the question you posed "is this a HubSpot embedded form, or a custom form using the forms API", I believe the CTA was an embedded button on a webform. Hopefully that makes sense.


Hi @joncoleman,

That does make sense, thank you. If it's a traditional web form, then it's likely possible to submit the form to HubSpot using the forms API. That'd likely be the best way to track form submissions; if that's not possible, you could consider the events API (if you have an enterprise subscription). I've included the docs to both below.