New API: Content Search


What's Happening?

Site search is the find-anything solution to engage with and provide helpful content to your site visitors. Site search will index all your HubSpot hosted content directly on your domain as soon as you press publish.

What's Changing?

Nothing; this is an entirely new endpoint! Check out the developer documentation here.

When is this happening?

The Site Search API is now live; integrators can start using it immediately.

Feel free to reach out in the comments below with any questions/concerns!


Hi Derek,

Sounds interesting! We've just added a HubSpot search bar to our site, but have noticed a couple of issues. One of them is being worked on currently, but the other is the pages it brings up for longer search queries. I.e. if I search 'full material disclosure' it brings up each of those words seperately, but never the full term (we do have articles where we've mentioned 'full material disclosure').

Would you know why this is?




Hi @SophieFET,

I'm not entirely sure; can you create a separate post with your Hub ID and some more details on the results you see? I'm happy to dig into this further.


Thanks Derek - luckily we've resolved it now!