New APIs released: Timeline and Webhooks


I’m happy to announce that today we released two new APIs on the HubSpot Platform – The Timeline API and Webhooks for Contacts, Companies, and Deals.

Timeline API

The Timeline API allows you to place rich events on Contact, Company, or Deal timelines in the HubSpot product. These events typically indicate a meaningful event which occurred outside of HubSpot (e.g. a contact registering for an event you are hosting).

Timeline events can include rich, parameterized fields, free-form text, and are rendered based on templates you configure at development time. Events can be used for list segmentation and in workflows, and are also able to stamp data directly onto default HubSpot properties for contacts, companies, and deals.

The Timeline API is an extremely powerful addition to the HubSpot Platform and has been in beta over the last year with some of our best integration partners: Eventbrite, Zendesk, Hellosign, and more have already created a ton of value with this API. We’re happy to announce that the Timeline API is now available to all integrators and customers with API access. Check out the documentation to get started with the Timeline API today!


When you want to design an integration that keeps data in sync between two systems, webhooks are often the first thing a developer looks for. While we’ve had limited webhook capabilities for years via our Workflows tool, we were overdue to offer more robust webhooks which support the way our partners and customers are developing on the HubSpot platform.

Today we released a new Webhooks API which allows developers to subscribe their apps to creation, property change, and deletion events for Contacts, Companies, and Deals. We’ll send the data you are interested in to your system as events occur, eliminating the need for you to consistently poll HubSpot APIs for changes.

Webhook events will be published to your app in near-real-time (within seconds), are automatically batched when a high volume of changes occurs over a short period of time, and will automatically handle retries when we encounter errors communicating with your app. To top it off we’ve added a webhook monitoring section to each app in your developer portal, which automatically logs the performance of webhooks over time and gives you insight into any issues you might be encountering.

To get started with our new Webhooks API, check out the documentation.

As always, please feel to comment on the forums or reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

Dillon Compton
PM, HubSpot Platform