New Contact Created Zap in Zapier not providing the Contact ID



Hi everyone! Not sure if I am in the right spot.. I have also seen this talked about in a couple other places in the forum but no resolution. I am trying to use Zapier off of a trigger on New Contact Created, specifically ones without an email. When I look at the contact in Zapier, I don't see that I have access to the contact's HubSpot ID which I need to use the HubSpot API to update the contact in HubSpot. (The Zapier Update Contact Zap requires an email - ugh). Anyway, there are like 170+ attributes for the contact created, but not ID. Am I missing something?


Hey @mmjoeolsen, are you looking at any specific documentation on the Zapier side? I'd love to see what they say about this. HubSpot contacts all have a unique identifier (vid) that is available when using any GET methods on contacts from HubSpot. I'm curious to see why that wouldn't be the case with Zapier


Hi Connor! Yes, I talked with Hubspot and they verified that there is not a VID passed through which seems odd.. Anyway, they recommended I use the workflows in Hubspot to call a Zapier Webhook which can then update the contact record.

I created an active list in HubSpot containing all contacts without emails. I then created a workflow that triggers off the list and then calls a webhook at zapier which then makes an API call back into HS to update the email.

It would have been cooler to keep it all in Hubspot but the workflows do not allow you update property values using variables. ie. using the contactid + formula to make the email addresses.