New contact not being added to company


I am trying to create a new company and then create a new contact to add to that company.

Using the Create a Company request I can create the company with the correct name.

I then use the Create a new contact request to add a contact and specify the same company name in this request.
Instead of the contact being added to the company that I initially created there is a second company created using the domain of the new contacts email address.

What should I do differently to stop the second company being created and have the contact assigned to the first company?


@TonyG How are you doing the association? I would do it in 3 calls.

  1. Create new company.
  2. Create new contact.
  3. Add contact to company.


That was exactly it - I hadn’t made the Add Company To Contact call.

I assumed that as I was was putting the company name in the Create New Contact call that the contact would automatically be created with an association to the company.


@TonyG Awesome! I’m glad you have it working now!