New contacts do not show up as new contacts in Analytics


Hello Hubspot developers team,

I get right into it. Analytics does not show all new contacts, as new contacs. How can we change that?

So far we can just identify someone as new contact, if s/he newly subscribed to our newsletter. This interaction works. All other conversions which should show up as "new contacts", just seem to get ignored, but they are connected via API with Hubspot.
So, is it possible to use API+form to get new contacts to show up as new contacts? Everything else (like the scoring and saving in CRM) works.

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Hi @mellow_guy,

Where exactly are you expecting to see these new contacts? Can you give me a link to the report you're looking at, and an example contact that you would expect to see in that report?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
I expect to see the contacts in "Traffic-Analytics", column "new contact". Here is the report link:

Example contact:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hello again @Derek_Gervais ,
Did my links help you ?


Hi @mellow_guy,

Yes, thank you. That contact was created from offline sources, so you have to check off the 'Include offline sources' checkbox in order to see it on the new contacts report. After checking off that box, I was able to see the example contact.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
Thanks for your help! That realization is already pretty helpful. Do you know why it counts as "created from an offline source"? Because it was actually created on our website..


Hello @Derek_Gervais,
Do you have any idea, why it might be counted as "created from an offline source", while being generated on our website and tracked by Google Analytics ?