New Deal Trigger in Zapier not instant


Hey everyone,

I am currently putting together a workflow in zapier and the “New Deal” trigger is only checked every 15 minutes instead of instantly. Is this a zapier or hubspot restriction?

This is the answer I got from zapier:

The difference in whether or not a trigger is instant or not is generally to the requirements of the target applications API (how the apps communicate), and whether or not their able to push that data to Zapier or if we’re required to retrieve it by checking every 15 minutes. In this instance, most likely it’s a requirement to access the part of Hubspot that represents a new deal by grabbing that data, in which case Zapier needs to poll their API every 15 minutes to check in.

If it’s not something that can be changed can anyone think of a workaround? I’m stumped.



Hey Lee,

This is actually only a restriction imposed by whomever created the Hubspot app on Zapier.

Zapier may be the ones to own/maintain the App, or it’s Hubspot (new Apps are almost guaranteed to be the App owners themselves, whereas Zapier had created the first 150+ or so, and Hubspot is an old App).

Odd that their support didn’t recommend putting in a request for the feature (Instant Trigger for New Deal), since the Hubspot API and infrastructure supports it via their programmatic Webhooks. Not only that, but the Zapier Hubspot App clearly already leverages the Webhooks. It would be a few hours of a dev’s time to enable “New Deals (Instant)” for you if they know what they’re doing and they’re just adding to the existing App.

I’d recommend reaching out to Hubspot support directly and asking them about it. Feel free to point them to my response here.

If you don’t get any help and time is of the essence, my company (Left Hook Digital- could help you out. It’s more cost effective and better for everyone if the App owners make the improvement, however… so while we’d like the business I’m hopeful that you’ll get help! Or if they can’t get to it right away due to product roadmap etc., we (Left Hook) could jump in and help; I’d just need to talk to the team.

Okay and one last thing; you can set Webhooks in the Hubspot Developer UI (see documentation here) and use Webhooks by Zapier if you’re trying to put in place a one-off Zap. Hopefully there is enough documentation around to help you out with that but if not feel free to reach back out here or via email/our website.

Good luck!



Hi all!

Like Lee a year ago, I was hoping to use Zapier to create notifications on Slack for when a deal is won. Previous CRMs we've worked with have provided instant Zaps, but we were disappointed to learn about the delay for zapping deals

Here's what Zapier told me:
"Instant triggers are a bit different in that HubSpot actually sends data to us, rather than us requesting it from them -- so they have to add in support for it on their end first. Thankfully, HubSpot built and maintains their Zapier integration, and it looks like they've been in the process of converting their polling triggers over to instant triggers, so it might be worth reaching out to see if this one is on their roadmap as well."

Is this on the roadmap? If not, will this functionality be available natively between Hubspot and Slack in the near future?