New Engagements API endpoint: Get recent engagements



Hi everyone,

We have a new endpoint available for the Engagements API that will let you get recently created or updated engagements. The endpoint can be used to poll for new or updated engagements, allowing you to sync new or modified notes, sales emails, calls, tasks, and other sales activities from HubSpot.

You can find the documentation and details for the endpoint here:

If you have any questions about the new endpoint, please let us know here.


David, what exactly is meant by “recent activity”?


@Paul_Cannon engagements are used for most sales activities, so this would include notes being added to records, emails sent to a contact from the contact record view (this would not include marketing emails sent to lists), calls, activities, tasks, or meetings scheduled with contacts.


Ping @dadams :slight_smile:

Any way to retrieve recently deleted engagements through the API?


Hi @dadams ! Did you see my post on this topic? Meetings in recent engagements

It seems like meetings is missing from the recent endpoint?


Never mind, found meeting engagement after looking deeper paginated results…