New properties; Guid and Boolean?


Is it possible to create the following properties for a Company?
Auto generated Guid.
Default false Boolean.


Hi @HenrikJanningJuul

Can you tell me more about how you’d want to use those properties?

Companies will automatically get their own unique companyId field when they’re created. That ID isn’t stored in a property, and it’s not in a GUID format (it’s an integer), but it is a unique ID for each company record.

You can create a checkbox property, which acts as a boolean property with only true and false values, but there isn’t a way to set a default value for the property. HubSpot properties that haven’t been set for a contact won’t have any value for that record, so in HubSpot they’d be blank, and if you’re pulling the contact data through the API it would be up to you to determine how to treat missing properties.


Thanc for your answer :slight_smile:

I just needed a Guid as unique identifier (in another system) and since the type Guid is often used as unique identifiers in other systems I thought that might also be possible in HubSpot :wink:

The thing about using a checkbox I had figured out.