NEW Ultracart Forms API integration. Which fields to pull?


Hi guys,

We’ve created a brand new Ultracart forms API integration that works by creating a new form labeled “CHECKOUT” but we want to know which fields we should be creating to close the loop and pull in our buyers data.

Can anyone advise on which fields we should be including in our CHECKOUT form?

A million thanks in advanced,


Hi @VuNguyen,

This really depends on what you want to help you customers accomplish with their marketing. At a minimum you should probably include what was purchased and how much the end user spend. Please note, that in addition to writing form fields, sending some of this data to an instance of the Deals object may also make sense as it can track each purchase separately which can be quite useful for segmentation purposes. Deals also help to handle things like aggregating customer lifetime value.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions though.




Are you able to provide the actual deal properties that the Magento _ Hubspot plugin is populating. That would give us a sample idea of what is being actually sent over, how they are naming the properties, and the data types they are using. Once we see that sample we can take it the rest of the way.

Please advise.



Hi @VuNguyen,

You should speak to the creator of that integration. I believe there are several different integrations companies have written between HubSpot and Magento so I wouldn’t be able to say exactly what properties at the Deal or Contact level they would be using. However if you log into your HubSpot portal, you can see if there were any properties created by the integration. Sometimes they will create separate property groups or use certain naming conventions. At the very least you can look at properties that you don’t remember creating, checking who has the properties populated, and looking at the change source. If the changes source is API, you know it’s coming through the integration.

However, the easiest course of action would just be to ask whoever built the integration you are using.