Newbie needs help starting with API app


I’ve read a lot about API but am still confused by what’s needed to implement the following:

My company uses HubSpot for marketing and Zoom for webinars. Zoom has a webhook to push notifications when a webinar finishes and provides attendee data. I’d like to know how to set up an endpoint so that HubSpot receives the notification and via some API calls update the HubSpot Contact information of the webinar attendees.

Any assistance or references would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @apta,

It looks like Zoom has a guide for configuring an integration with HubSpot:

If you were to build your own integration to push Zoom info into HubSpot, I’d recommend starting with the Contacts API:


Thanks, Derek. I had already set up the HubSpot-Zoom integration without issues.

My quandary is more general. Zoom provides a webhook to which I can assign an endpoint URL. Zoom pushes information to it when a webinar completes. Is the endpoint to be located in HubSpot? I began to write a HubSpot app but didn’t see an option to receive push notifications?

Or does the endpoint lie in some intermediary server that receives the Zoom data, parses it and then pushes the data to HubSpot via the Contacts API?

In other words, I have the Zoom and HubSpot platforms but I can’t figure out where the intermediary is supposed to be?


Hi @apta,

I understand, thank you for clarifying! It will have to be the latter; there is no built-in HubSpot endpoint that can accept the raw data from Zoom. You’ll need some form of middleware to accept the Zoom data, process it, and then make requests to the corresponding HubSpot API (e.g. contacts API).


I’m barely getting my head around APIs recently and looks like I have a steep, but I hope short, hill to climb. To help the ascension, I have 3 questions:

  1. Thank you for pointing out the need for middleware. I’m thinking of using our own website to add some PHP scripts to handle the interaction between Zoom and HubSpot. Is that a viable way to go?

  2. Is Zapier capable of connecting HubSpot with Zoom in order to update contact data on HubSpot with registrant data from Zoom? I started that route but got bogged down. There seemed to be no way to parse JSON data.

  3. In HubSpot Workflows, I’m curious about the action “Trigger a webhook”. What happens to the result of a GET operation? Can the output be captured somehow?


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Basically you need something like:

  1. Zoom call ends

  2. Fires webhook to your app

  3. App processes data and updates hubspot

I used to use HubSpot/haPiHP a long time ago but I think that’s a bit out of date now.

There’s a more up to date plugin here:

You would need some sort of identifier basically, so you would need a hubspot ID or email from the zoom call sent to the app, which then triggers the app to search for the contact in hubspot and update that record.


Hi @apta,

  1. That could work so long as your website host supports server-side scripting. HubSpot doesn’t support server-side scripting, so if your website is hosted with HubSpot you’ll need a separate server.
  2. It’s definitely possible. I’m not particularly familiar with the Zapier actions and triggers between HubSpot and Zoom, but you can investigate here:
  3. The workflow webhook action works well for outgoing webhooks from HubSpot. The GET request doesn’t send any data; it will only send an empty request to the specified server. The POST request will send the full contact JSON to your external server, though: