Newsletter Archive


We are looking to pull in a list of archived Newsletters on our site via the API is there a way to do this? If not is there a way to get the public URL manually so we can add it manually to a page?


Hi @arron_revel,

Are you looking to import these newsletters as emails? Or as blog posts?


We are looking to embed a list of URL’s on a page on our site. It would look something like the following:

October 2017 Newsletter
November 2017 Newsletter
December 2017 Newsletter

These would link to the View as Webpage link that is in the emails.


Hi @arron_revel,

There isn’t currently an API to get an email web version URL, but you can pull it manually from the details page of a sent email:


Looks like our previous emails don’t have a web version information section. Is it possible to get it?


Hi @arron_revel,

It’s not possible to add a web version to a sent email retroactively, but if you clone the newsletter you can select to automatically create a web version for the email clone, then use those links for the archive page.