No API Key warning on embedded Google Map



I have an embedded google map on page that’s showing an error on the screen and these error messages in the consoles:

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired

I know I need a new API key but I don’t know where to put this code in my custom HTML module. Please give some guidance.



@c.gooyers that’s a google maps error, you’ll need to go to their forums/documentation to determine where to get a new api key. They actually linked to the relevant docs in the error:

Here is info on getting a new API key:



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for getting back to me, although the problem isn’t finding an API
key, I already had one I’m just not sure where it needs to go in the custom
HTML module. Are you able to shed any light on this?



Hey Christina,

I haven’t played with Google Maps API too much but it looks like if you open up your custom module, on line 24 you should add

&key=YOUR_API_KEY to

script.src = "";

so it looks like this

script.src = "";

See further instruction here