No deleted URL mappings shown


I am attempting to view all deleted URL mappings. Unfortunately, the API always return blank when filtered to show deletedAt results.

My query is{{key}}&deletedAt__gt=1.

Has anyone else had success with this?


@smhutch try it with one _ instead of two __

here is an ex.


With one or two underscores, the results returned are always the same. Every object returned has “deletedAt”:0. Unsure what else to try.


@smhutch Does the portal you are making connections to have deleted URL mappings(I know it sounds dumb and obvious). I want to make sure you aren’t by accident using a hapikey to a dev portal or the wrong one. The example I posted above worked for my own portal when I tested it out before my last post. Since I have it working on my side I am a tad lost as to why we can’t replicate it on your end.


Perhaps I am misunderstanding what a ‘deleted’ URL mapping is? Can’t seem to get this to work.

Am I right in thinking that deletedAt is the time at which a URL mapping was deleted from my portal?

With my query for all mappings (, it returns 594 url mappings.

If I add deletedAt_gt=1 (one underscore) to this query, it returns the same results.

If I add deletedAt__gt=1 (two underscores), it returns 0 results.

I have created a new url mapping, then deleted it this morning. Very confused!


@smhutch What type of portal are you trying to view this from? Is this a dev portal?


@pmanca Don’t think it is a dev portal account. It is a company account, I think.


@smhutch Ok, and you don’t receive an error just an empty object? I don’t have any problems on my end running this command