No hasMore flag when getting all products


I am trying to get all the products via the url: "$apikey".
We have about 130 products but I am only getting back 100 products. There's no hasMore flag so I am not able to get the remaining products. Is this a bug and will it be fixed soon?




Hi @kiem,

Can you send me your Hub ID so that I can take a closer look?


Hi Derek,

Will my Hub ID be visible to everyone in the forum if I send it to you via this email?


So everything that I send is visible in the forum. Could you send me your email so send the Hub ID to your email?




Hi @kiem,

You can direct message me here in the forums; click my avatar, then click "Message" in the top right corner of the modal window that appears.


I have sent you our Hub ID via DM. Thanks.