No inline message displayed when form embedded to rich text area using HubL



We’re having the exact same problem as in Unresponsive form when set to inline message . The form is embedded to a rich text area on a HubSpot page using HubL. The form has an inline message defined in form settings. When the form is submitted, nothing seems to happen but the submission is successful nevertheless. When the user reloads the page, the user can fill the form again.

However, if you add the HubL parameter “response_message”, the page is reloaded after the submission and then you can see the form being replaced by the value of the response_message parameter. But I’d expect to see the inline thank you message right after the form submission.

@Derek_Gervais, I’ll send the details to your inbox.



For some reason the issue was resolved by itself :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe some cache was acting up somewhere.