No new API posts in portal


Hey all, we’ve been sending form submissions into HubSpot via webhook for several years now. We were posting to the Leads API (now deprecated I believe), but nothing has stopped working until now.

Suddenly, things have totally stopped posting into HS (as of like Friday afternoon), and I am trying to troubleshoot it to see is this issue is related to HS or HS API in some way.

When looking at the code to post these submissions, the post URL is

Can someone tell me if this URL is valid to post to? Is there a way to test API submissions?


Hi @coryperry

The * POST URLs will no longer be valid. Previously, we’ve been redirecting those URL to the new Forms API submission URLs, so even if you didn’t migrate yet those forms would still work, but as we’re migrating people off of that old system, those redirects will no longer be in place. You’ll need to update your webhooks to use the new URLs.


Thanks for the update @dadams. So, is that already in place, meaning those redirects have already stopped working?


There are some migrations still being processed, but most of those redirects would have been disabled at this point.


We are having the same issue, but our post url looks valid. Please advise: