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Good Day

I currently have an API call creating or updating contacts on hubspot. Creating works fine, but when updating I get the following error “User does not have permission to edit this”.

There is no indication on which field can’t be edited or what permissions are required. The user authorized with the API has full rights to view and edit everything on the portal.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @Francois_Robbertze,

Can you reach back out with the URL/body of the request you’re making, and the full error being returned?


The URL that I used is

It is a valid email adress that exists, although I am not allowed to share that at the moment.

The body I am posting is {“properties”:[{“property”:“address”,“value”:“601 Jefferson St”},{“property”:“state”,“value”:“Not Applicable”}]}

When creating a new contact, this does work, it is only on updating when it fails.

The full error is {“status”:“error”,“message”:“User does not have permission to edit this”,“correlationId”:“036a5f7f-ef06-4125-aada-9a09c33512e7”,“requestId”:“edec2ae8ad6a4b7cca75d36d80b1c5ce”}

The user we are using for creation and update is an admin user on hubspot for the account, although the user is not assigned to any team. Could it be that these contacts are already assigned to another user in a specific team?

We are currently pushing a lot of users through to hubspot, and I will change the user to a super admin tomorrow morning to confirm if this could solve the update issue.


Hi @Francois_Robbertze,

It’s possible that the integration user doesn’t have edit permissions for contacts that are not assigned to them. I look forward to hearing back after you change the integration user to a super admin. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, we can continue troubleshooting.


Hi Guys,
I am facing same issue :-

  1. Response :- {“status”:“error”,“message”:“User does not have permission to edit this”,“correlationId”:“387640c4-202c-4d7a-85ab-73f042e7b22a”,“requestId”:“9c23935ccafa3b518068d8205e3a4b28”}

  2. Body :- {“properties”:[{“name”:“name”,“value”:“Ravedigital”},{“name”:“description”,“value”:“Test”},{“name”:“company_domains”,“value”:“”},{“name”:“website”,“value”:“”},{“name”:“type”,“value”:“ServiceProvider”},{“name”:“website_block_subscription_access”,“value”:“false”},{“name”:“block_from_newsletter”,“value”:“false”}]}

FYI :- I am calling api by access token , which was working perfect before few days, but now not.

It was working perfectly but from last few days we are facing this issue.


Hi @Rahul_Chhlotre,

  1. This may seem basic, but has the access token you’re using expired?
  2. Are you making a request to the same endpoint listed above? If you’re making requests to the ‘Create or update a contact’ endpoint, you should replace the name key with property
  3. Did the integration request all the correct scopes? For the ‘Create or update a contact’ endpoint, the integration needs the contact scope.


Hello @Derek_Gervais

  1. No we are creating every time new access token for run api. and by that access token get api's working fine like if i will fetch company or company property even if i am assigning any user to company than also working. Only issue with company and contact property update(Even this was working previously but now not).
  2. No i am using "property" for create so that's fine because all code is working code , and we have not make any changes.
  3. Yes "Recon Developer" have all permissions for all scopes.

Note:- I am again saying all things was working perfect up to before few days , we are facing this issue from last few days and we did't made any changes in our code and authentications.


Hi @Rahul_Chhlotre,

Can you send me your app ID and the Hub ID of a portal that has the app installed so I can take a closer look?


Hello @Derek_Gervais

We have solved issue , there was permission issue with user , but not sure why permission was changed.

Thank you so much for your help, you are always helpful for us.