No response from Hubspot when creating an engagement


hi there,

We have set up our API to insert a contact, we wanted to add a note to the timeline using the Engagements API.

Firstly from the docs here:

I notice the docs have this with this a ? without being preceeded by a /:

As with contacts, should it not have a /**/**?hapikey=demo

I am using the correct live API key.
I have set up the JSON correctly to me and well formatted.

{"engagement":{"active":true,"ownerID":123456789,"type":"NOTE"},"associations":{"contactIds":[123456],"companyIds":[],"dealIds":[],"ownerIds":[]},"meta_data":{"title":"Initial Contact","body":"testing sending to hubspot from test server."}}

I have been into integrations and made sure that all Read from and write to checkboxes are checked.
The scopes look good too.


I get 0 response from the HubSpot server, not even a 4xx response.

No note has been entered.

Is anybody able to help?

Best regards,

Andi Lee Davis


Hi there,

I eventually solved this myself.

typo - meta_data should have been call metadata in the JSON Query

All working now.