NodeJS Hubspot API Basics (Owners & Deals API)



Hey guys, I've been developing in the Hubspot API for a couple years. I got a lot of help from this forum and other places, so I wanted to start giving back. I plan on making a bunch of Hubspot API videos over the new few weeks. Using Deals and Owners API - some basic stuff - is this video. If anyone has ideas on topics they're working on or having trouble with, let me know and I can do a deeper dive.


Hi @optikalefx,

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this here, it's always great to see folks being active in the HubSpot dev community!


Bit of a beginner when it comes to working with the Hubspot API, and API's in general.
But something that I would find very helpful is getting a better understanding of how the extract things from responses.

As an example I've used a combination of Zapier and Python, trying to setup an external report into Geckoboards, which uses a Google Sheet as data source.

We want the sheet to be populated with engagements which are 'type' MEETING and match a certain 'activityType', but the way the information is nested makes my head spin. :slight_smile:

When there's a match inside the response to those two conditions, I'd like to push a set of property values into the Google Sheet. But, can't seem to extract the right information out of the response.

This is the call I'm using:[contactVid]/paged?hapikey=[ourkey]


Without making the call myself, I would say you should use a good debugger tool. For example, my code editor VSCode allows me to print out responses, and walk through them to see where the properties live. It's a but more complicated in Zapier in the sense that you are constrained to their tools.

But, get yourself to the point where you can print the responses out, and just take it 1 layer at at time till you are able to walk to the right value. Debugging can be slow, but take your time.


Thanks for the advice man! That's pretty much what I ended up doing and made good progress.