Not enough permissions




We faced with problem that some accounts couldn't be integrated with our's app.
(Uh oh! This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features...)

I asked only one permission - contacts. Account that we want to integrate have contacts permission (in meny there is no lock), but we have that error.

If it'll helpful, I can give you login and password of problem account.


Hi @found,

Can you give me the Hub ID of the portal you're seeing this issue with?


my app id: 169321 and hub id is 4602110


Hi @found,

Based on what I can see, you shouldn't have any issues authorizing an integration that only requests contacts for that portal. Have you tried having a super admin user install the integration? Are you able to install your integration to other test portals?


Hi, @Derek_Gervais

It works only if user is super admin...
I may give you login and password of account that have problems with authentification.


Hi @found,

No login details are necessary for me; it's clear to me now that this is caused by a known issue with the contacts scope. For free portals, an integration requesting the contacts scope can only be approved by a super admin. The team is working on a fix for this now, but in the interim I'd recommend that affected portals have a super admin install the integration.