Notes on Contacts that Move to a Different Company



Hello - I want to confirm:
A) Notes are tied to a contact - is that right?
B) If I move a contact to a new company the notes remain on the contact's record.
For example - Client A is with Company ABC today. Tomorrow Client A moved to Company XYZ. My assumption is that the notes on Client A remain the same even after the move from Company ABC to Company XYZ.


Hi @mpottinger,

Happy to clarify. NOTE-type engagements can be associated with any CRM object (contact, company, deal, ticket, etc.) you wish. They don't have to be associated with a contact, but they must be associated with at least one object.

Your assumption is correct. If a note is already associated with a contact record and you associate the contact with a new company, then the note will remain on the contact record.

Keep in mind, though, that the note may also have been associated with the contact's old company at some point. If this is the case, the note would remain associated with the old company until you explicitly remove the association.


Thank you Isaac_Takushi!