Notification/Trigger through the hubspot API


i have a landing page that has a contact form created through hubspot and through that form i am getting contacts created in hubspot contact list, Now i want these contact to be saved in my database as well.

So is there any method/API through which i can do it, if i will do it how i will get notification/trigger through the hubspot API or that will work as pooling(calling hubspot API again and again)
I came across a trainer from hubspot he suggested to use webhooks, set trigger in the workflow and then that triggered will be fired once the API is called but that trigger is not working.


Hi @Raghuraj_Singh_Gurja,

There are a few ways to accomplish this. One method would be to use the Webhooks API and subscribe to contact creations. This would send a notification (including information related to the contact record) any time a contact is created, allowing you to pull the relevant information using the Contacts API. Another would be to use a Webhook action in a workflow. This would send a notification to your webhook URL when a contact is enrolled in the workflow, allowing you to then pull the contact info using the Contacts API. Lastly, you could poll the recently created contacts endpoint periodically to update your system with new contacts.


We have follow this process. but still not hitting my API,


Hi @Raghuraj_Singh_Gurja,

Can you direct message me a link to this workflow, and a link to an example contact that should have triggered a webhook to your system, but did not?




Hi @Raghuraj_Singh_Gurja,

It looks like there were two recent contacts that successfully triggered the webhook; did you receive those requests successfully?


How can we get webhook post data in over API


Again does not hitting my API,


Hi @Raghuraj_Singh_Gurja,

In the history of that workflow, I can see some successful webhook actions:

The fact that these webhook actions were successful means that HubSpot received a successful response from the webhook server. I’m unable to see what happens to the request once this happens; you’ll need to continue troubleshooting on your server to see what’s happening to the request. To test the webhook capability, you could try using to grab the data sent by the webhook and confirm the webhook action is functioning correctly.


trigger is not getting executed on contact form submission published on subdomain, but when we tested using Workflow test button from hubsot itself, its getting triggered properly