Nsufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator




I’m trying to authenticate user by this url

and I am getting this error can anyone tell what I’m doing wrong?

Request for Integration Permissions

Uh oh!

Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.

I cannot find my application id for my main domain (DO NOT RUSH TO ANSWER)

Hi @altaf

That error usually means that the scopes you set up for the app in the app settings don’t match the scopes you’re requesting in the scope= parameter for the authorize URL. Any scopes that you have selected in the app settings are considered required scopes, so you’d need to include everything you have selected in the scope= parameter.

If your app only requires the contacts, reports, and files scopes, only those three should be checked in the app settings.


Thank you @dadams . providing all scopes fixed the issue.