Null Filter is Not working in Hubdb.( __is_null)



Reference :

I'm in trouble.
Null Filter is Not working.

This is Null filter description.

All column types, except BOOLEAN
This filter does not require a value (&example_column__is_null=)

for example.

{% set queryparam = "" %}
{% set queryparam = queryparam ~ "&" ~  "testcollection__is_null="  %}
{% set tables = hubdb_table_rows('***********',queryparam)%}

I need get data from Hubdb when testcollection is null or not null.

not_null filter is working.


But is_null filter is not working.


Why is this filter not working?


Hi @sei0044,

I can reproduce this issue on my end as well. Let me file an issue internally for this and figure out what's going on. I'll reach back out on this topic when I have more information.


Hi @sei0044,

This should now be resolved. Feel free to reach back out in this topic if you're still running into issues.


Thanks Derek.
I confirm that this problem was solve.

This filter is already working by origin document code.