OAuth 2.0 Endpoint Shows Blank Page


I’m attempting an Oauth handshake to the new 2.0 endpoint, and the initial screen after forwarding the user to HubSpot is a blank white page. I’m sending the user to https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize/?client_id=XXX&scopes=contacts+timeline&redirect_uri=https://back.to.my.app which is getting redirected to /oauth/2149556/authorize/, with 2149556 being the logged in HubID (the redirect keeps the parameters). That page though is just blank, and has nothing I can interact with. I’ve tried this logged into several different Hubs (app development, free CRM version, and our companies production marketing hub) all redirect to their HubId and show the same white page.

Has anyone seen this issue before, and does anyone have a solution?

Thank you


Hi @zech

You’ll need to remove the trailing / after /authorize.


Oh of course. Thank you!