OAuth 2 'email' Scope Permission Problem



Today I just started running into issues using the emails part of the api. I get this response back from hitting (/content/api/v2/email):

[correlationId] => XXX
[message] => This oauth-token (XXX) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [content-core-api-access])
[requestId] => XXX
[status] => error

When I get the metadata on the token I receive this:

“token”: “XXX”,
“user”: “XXX”,
“hub_domain”: “XXX”,
“scopes”: [
“hub_id”: XXX,
“app_id”: XXX,
“expires_in”: 21040,
“user_id”: XXX,
“token_type”: “access”

This just started happening today.

Thanks for any help!


This is no longer an issue.