Oauth Callback URI query parameters gets clobbered



I am setting a redirect_uri that has query parameters in the authorization URL as: redirect_uri=https://srv1.cameroncollective.com/oauth/callbacks?next=profile

The callback request getting back to my server looks like the query parameters are getting sliced and diced a little the field is there, but the value is dropped. Here's the callback request info:
GET '/oauth/callbacks?next&code=$$$redacted$$$'>

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.

Integration with OAuth 2.0

Hey, @cameroncollective!

I ran a quick test with my own app and was able to pass ?custom_parameter=foo to my redirect URI by encoding it as %3Fcustom_parameter%3Dfoo. If you try the same, what happens?


Hey @Isaac_Takushi,

It looks like I wasn't correctly encoding the params. Sorry to bother and thanks for the clarification.