Oauth connection with microsoft flow custom connector


Good evening,

i'm currently trying to use Webhook API from Hubspot with Microsoft Flow.
In order to do register an app, i'm creating a custom connector with an Oauth connection.
But i can't get it work as I got an "maxQueryStringLength" error on the callback.

As far as i have investigated, i get access to the portal, because i can choose an account, and if this one doesn't have enough rights it's fail with correct error (ex : An none entreprise marketing account can't access the automation scope, this is a normal behaviour),

Does anyone have experienced Microsoft Flow with Hubspot and have an idea how i can solved this ?

Thanks for yoour help



Hi @francois_d_yvoire,

I don't have any Microsoft Flow related experience, but I'm happy to help troubleshoot the HubSpot side of things. Are you able to successfully get an access/refresh token for your portal?