OAuth error creating Calendar with Zapier (Marketing Subscription)


Trying to create integration from scatch today which creates a calendar task using Zapier. OAuth connects Hubspot account, data is retrieved from Hubspot when configuring the integration (Assignee names, etc), but testing the Zap fails.

"We had trouble sending your test through. Please try again. Error:
api.hubapi.com returned (403) Forbidden and said "This oauth-token (...token here..) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [content-access])"

Have done research on this error and most responses suggest that the Marketing subscription is needed. We are subscribed to this product with Hubspot. Any ideas?


Hi @essell,

Can you give me your Hub ID?


Hub ID is as follows:



Hi @essell,

From what I can see, you shouldn't have issues with calendar-related zaps. The one exception might be if you recently upgraded your HubSpot portal without re-authenticating the Zapier app. Can you try reinstalling Zapier?