Oauth issue ...i need to access all scopes



i got this error only suggest me if i m wrong


Hi @gowtham,

It looks like you're requesting the following scopes:

* contacts
* automation
* business-intelligence
* content
* e-commerce
* files
* forms
* hubdb
* integration-sync
* reports
* social
* tickets
* timeline
* transactional-email 

The primary issue (which is causing this specific issue) is that you accidentally included two plus signs between e-commerce and files.

After fixing this, it's possible you might still run into a "This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration." error. This is because it's unlikely the portal you're trying to approve actually has access to every single scope you're requesting (especially transactional-email). You'd likely be better off requesting only the scopes you absolutely need, and either leaving the rest out or requesting them as optional.