oAuth - Request for Integration Permissions - Insufficient scopes were provided


Hello to All and Thank you for the support ...

i show my problems :

I'm trying to integrate hubspot with the crm of my company; the crm I'm trying to integrate has been developed internally by my company. it is proprietary software.

I'm a developer and I'm following your guide for intergration : oauth2-quickstart

I performed what was written in the prerequisites :

  1. I have crate developer account
  2. and i have create an app : https://app.hubspot.com/developer/5319910/application/186576

i execute this step Step 1: Direct to HubSpot's OAuth 2.0 Server, and i make the http request : https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=3d4872a8-22f6-4688-8c42-e2ad0d0f6a83&scope=contacts&redirect_uri=https://bcomeditaliasede.siseco.it/BCOM/PublicPage.aspx?p=9001190AAEB615D35CFA3D7C03F2B74E1A1FB1962EB033E0FEE2E7726911F6B8&Guid=EE40F101-13B8-4472-A047-73AC9AB02C03

But when the page is load i receved the message :

Request for Integration Permissions
Uh oh!
Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.

... I do not understand where I'm wrong ...

I see in my app that i have i put all "scopes" in my app.

can you help me ?


Hi @andrea, your authorization URL is requesting only the scopes for contacts, but your application is requesting all possible scopes. In your developer account, you should only check off the boxes for the scopes that the app needs to run. In this case, contacts should probably suffice. Otherwise, you must include all of those scopes in the URL. We give you the parameters to copy within your application depending on which boxes you check: http://prntscr.com/m605pc


Hi Connor, very thanks for your support!

I understood and I should have solved, however i have a question; Below I show you the operating scenario.

the integration that I have to develop with HubSpot will have to:

1) - Download the contacts 
2) - Update the lead status property of contacts

In your experience what scope should i indicate ?

It would be correct to indicate :

1) - Basic oAuth functionally
2) - Read from and write to my Contacts 

do you confirm ?



Hi @andrea, just the contacts scope should suffice, though you can also include the oauth scope as well. Oauth right now is implicitly included in all applications so it's a bit superfluous in this case, but it wouldn't hurt to include if you'd like to.


Good, it's work fine.
Connor, very very thanks !!!