OAuth score for /integrations/v1/limit/daily


Getting an error when calling /integrations/v1/limit/daily with my accessToken:

This oauth-token () does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hapikeys-access])

Current scope is contacts and content. It’s not really clear from the docs what scopes are needed to access this call (which I’m using to make sure my app doesn’t use too many calls).

Help appreciated, thanks!


Hi @pcothenet,

That endpoint can only be used to check the usage of an integration that uses API keys, which is why you’re getting a permissions errors when passing your Oauth access token. To monitor API usage for an app that uses Oauth, you can use the request monitoring functionality in your developer portal.


Cool, thanks!

And since it’s not very clear from the docs, what limitations (number of calls, concurrency) apply when using OAuth2?


Hi @pcothenet,

The limits for OAuth apps are the same as for apps using API keys:

  • 10 requests per second.
  • 40,000 requests per day.
    • This daily limit resets at midnight based on the time zone setting of the HubSpot account.